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About Us


Welcome to The Learnatorium Pre-School and Child Care, where every day is filled with fun learning experiences! Each day, caring and attentive teachers provide your child with countless opportunities to grow academically, socially, emotionally and physically in a safe and loving environment.

'Happy Minds lead to Happy Learning'

We understand that choosing the best educational child care for your child is one of the hardest decisions you have to make. By providing childhood programs where they can grow and thrive, we are confident that Learnatorium Pre-School and Child Care is the best preschool you can choose.

We work tirelessly to ensure children thrive in a healthy, safe and warm environment. Within this secure and nurturing environment, children can discover their unique gifts.


‘We envision to nurture caring, competent and responsible global citizens.’


  1. To attain optimal outcomes in the domains of physical and motor development, cognitive development, socio-emotional-ethical development, cultural/artistic development, and communication development – making children future ready.
  2. To provide five years of flexible, multilevel, play/activity-based learning incorporating the pedagogy of Early Childhood Care & Education.
  3. To encourage competence-based education and joyful learning through engaging processes of teaching and learning.
  4. To shape children as ‘Balanced Individuals’ who are equipped with both ,21st century skills and a strong character.


  1. To encourage and develop leadership qualities in children at a young age.
  2. To help children focus on collaboration and train them to synergize.
  3. To enhance the teaching-learning processes through innovative and
    experiential methods.
  4. To make optimum utilisation of technology and help children
    connect and relate with the world.
  5. To work hand in hand with all stake holders in order to achieve our